Benefits of Body Sugaring

The art of body hair removal has been practiced in the Middle East for centuries, and Lux is pleased to be able to offer it right here in London, Ontario!


Body sugaring is an all natural, gentle, environmentally friendly, affordable alternative to other forms of removing unwanted body hair. 

1. Sugaring paste is pure and natural


Body sugaring paste is made from 100% natural ingredients, is biodegradable, is not tested on animals and has no harmful side effects.


2. Sugaring is hygienic


Body sugaring paste is never re-used, and is discarded after each client thereby eliminating the chance of cross contamination. The sugaring paste is a hypertonic solution, which discourages bacteria growth.


3. Sugaring can extract very short hair


Less than 1/16 of an inch (2mm) of growth (typically four to seven days after shaving) is required for removal, however, when being booked for your sugaring treatment after you've been shaving, we will require that you don't shave your legs or bikini area for three weeks, and underarms for two weeks so you get the best results with the least amount of discomfort. We invite you to call us to discuss your particular needs in advance, keeping in mind we fill our appointment times quickly, and you may need to book your service well in advance.


4. Sugaring removes the hair intact


The body sugaring paste is applied in the opposite direction of growth and eased out in the natural direction of growth. This helps to extract the hair intact, thereby reducing the chances of ingrown hairs.




5. Sugaring is safe


The body sugaring paste is applied at just above body temperature making it safe for all areas. Sugaring will not increase the blood supply, and is safe for spider veins and varicose veins.

6. Sugaring promotes healthy skin


Body sugaring is safe and beneficial for all skin types. Sugaring gently exfoliates only dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and silky and can even relieve the itch associated with mild cases of dermatitis and mild psoriasis. Sugaring paste is hypoallergenic and does not clog pores.


7. Sugaring saves valuable time


Regularly scheduled sugaring appointments eliminate the need for any maintenance between treatments.


8. Sugaring is easy to clean up


Body sugaring paste is water soluble which makes clean up quick, easy and environmentally friendly.


9. Sugaring achieves noticeable results


Sugar can extract even the shortest hair, thereby removing it in the early growing phase, which can lead to permanent diminishment of hair. You will see exceptional results after even your first treatment!

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