Body Sugaring Practitioner/Spray Tan Technician

Professional Makeup Artist/Microblading & Manual Shading Artist/

Henna Brow Artist/ Lash Lift & Tint Technician


Smiling mommy of two, passionately laughing her way through life while trying to raise good humans 


Owner of Hank the dog, Coco Beautdega and a whole lotta Continuing Education certificates 


Lover of all things Autumn, live music, tattoos and Sour Keys...well actually - just candy in general 


“A girl should be 2 things; WHO & WHAT she wants” - Coco Chanel 

Lux Body Sugaring & Beautique

Lux grew out of a dream Monika had about wanting to make her clients feel beautiful and pampered, in a classy yet non-pretentious, spa-like atmosphere. Having been trained in the art of body sugaring in 1996 in Kitchener by Francine Doyle, Monika moved to London in 2008 and found a salon to work at which allowed her to grow her skills and client base. With experience in customer service and administration in several fields and the drive to bring to London what no one else had, Monika opened Lux Body Sugaring in 2011 in a cozy space located in a Victorian home. 


Maggie started as a client and loved sugaring so much, she decided to learn the art of body sugaring from Monika in 2012. Demand for Lux services grew rapidly and by the summer of 2013 Monika was ready to expand and Maggie was the obvious fit, being eager, motivated, and having the skills and personality Monika was looking for. Maggie filled her days at a desk job, but her passion was sugaring and makeup, so splitting her free time between Lux and MAC in Masonville fulfilled her desire to bring out the beauty in her clients. 


Monika knew Lux had to expand to offer even more availability, so she approached Maggie about a partnership.  Maggie was ready to make a career change and brought with her a communications degree and a business background, along with big dreams of expanding Lux’s service offering.  The concept of Lux Body Sugaring & Beautique was born!

In 2016 Lux Body Sugaring & Beautique incorporated and is now known near and far as Lux Premier Beauty. 

Stayed tuned as we update and rebrand!


At Lux Premier Beauty we pride ourselves on making you, our beautiful clients, feel comfortable and at ease from the moment you walk through our fun purple door!



"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card,

how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you

becomes your trademark." - Jay Danzie


Lux Body Sugaring & Beautique
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