Body Sugaring Price List

Below the Belt

Brow Brilliance

Brazilian (first visit)

All gone from front to back. Strip or triangle optional.


Brazilian (regular maintenance)

Must return within six weeks of your last appointment



A little off the top and just inside the panty line, no between cheeks



The itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini. Extra off the top and sides, includes between the cheeks (optional).



Removes all hair on the bum cheeks



Removes all hair in between the cheeks


The cheeky-in-betweeny

Removes all hair on the bum checks and in-between


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Tidy up express brow (up to 15 min)

Clean up strays with sugar, trim and minimal tweezing


Shape up (up to 30 mins)

Custom brow consult based on our professional analysis of brows, face shape and bone structure, then we sugar, trim, shape and fine detail with tweezing.